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Equipment: Archers must have their own equipment. See Archery Handbook for list and details. Please ask questions before purchasing equipment to ensure that you are purchasing a quality set up that will meet competition needs. Tournaments are all over western NC. Most tournaments offer an option of Saturday or Sunday. A typical shoot is 3 hours. We will travel to IL to shoot the national outdoor championship in June. Last year our grammar team placed 2nd in nation and our middle school team placed 3rd. Additionally, we will travel to OH to shoot the national indoor championship in March. Last year TJ grammar team placed 2nd and our middle school team placed 4th. Registration for events vary between $10-$30.00. Your biggest expense is the bow. Archery is a family sport. They will need your support with practice and travel. Anyone can be a good archer! It is a mental sport requiring consistency and precision. Scholarships for high school students are abundant. Last year 3 million dollars was awarded to NC students at the State Championship. Contact- Tyson Edwards 828-287-6685 and Jill Lineberger 704-297-0703


The TJCA Equestrian team is comprised of 7th – 12th grade Hunter/Jumper riders. Based at Fern Hollow Farm in Bostic, the team members participate in weekly individual and group lessons and monthly team practices. Under the direction of trainer Freda Jessen, members of the team have competed in local rated and schooling shows and the North Carolina State Fair Horse Show. Starting in the 2014-15 school year, the team will also compete in IEA shows.


7th and 8th grade academic teams

These are for students who have an A or A-B average in all areas and are very competitive. We want students who will work hard on the material we will use for study, and the students must be committed to coming to the meetings. We will compete across the state this year and in the county-wide competition at ICC. This is really a great experience. We love to win! In addition to advisory time meetings for the seventh and eighth grades, all middle school students are welcome to practice on Thursdays from 3:00 – 3:30 in Mr. Smith’s room (Adams Hall, 306).

High School Academic Teams

The High School Academic Teams compete in multiple quiz bowl/trivia competitions each across NC and the Southeast.  Teams practice several times a week.  Please see Mrs. Lloyd for more information.

High School Writing Workshop

Students in grades 9-12 who need assistance with a school writing assignment, and who have written permission from their teachers to receive assistance in the writing lab, may attend and work with Ms. Owens and/or senior writing tutors.  Only seniors approved by Ms. Owens may serve as tutors in the writing lab.- Martha Owens

Percussion Club

Do you enjoy a good beat? Does the idea of hitting things with your hands excite you? Would you like a place where making noise is welcomed? If so, then you’re in the right place!

The percussion club is where students with a percussion penchant can come together to make music. We play a variety of selections from traditional Afro-Cuban percussion all the way to the modern rock drum set. We meet on Thursdays from 3pm-4pm. For more information, please email Mr. Davis Westbrook at dwestbrook@tjca.org.

Choir club:

Tuesdays 3-3:30pm (Grades 6-12) sandrews@tjca.org

Tri-M Music Honor Society:

Select Thursdays once a month 3-3:30pm (Grades 8-12) sandrews@tjca.org

National Honor Society

National Honor Society is a collection of students who have achieved a high academic standard and are dedicated to serving their community and growing as leaders. NHS members engage in voluntary service projects and seek to improve their school, practically and culturally. NHS meets every other Tuesday at 3 PM. atiren@tjca.org

National Latin Honor Society

The NLHS is a Part of The Association for the Promotion of the Study of Latin.
The Association for the Promotion of the Study of Latin (APSL) is the nation’s oldest private organization dedicated to the promotion and study of the Latin language. It was founded in 1929 by the late Dr. Albert E. Warsley and over time has offered the following services to Latin teachers.
The programs of the NLHS enable teachers to reward students for exemplary performance in their study of Latin.

The only information required for reception of a reward is a teacher’s statement that a student has achieved a consistent grade of 90% for three consecutive quarters (or equivalent) in any level of Latin studies.
Students are admitted based on Merit and continued merit in Latin and language classes.

Students serve throughout their high school career in volunteer roles helping and fostering Latin in the generations to come.

We meet every Thursday 3-4pm in 307.  – closcalzo@tjca.org

Guitar Club

Guitar Club meets on Tuesdays from 3:00 – 3:55 pm. Open to any 6th – 12th grade student interested in playing guitar. Explore playing different styles of music in a less structured environment. Will perform as a group on the February and May guitar concerts. – abrucksch@tjca.org

Life Skills

The Life Skills Club teaches skills that an adult needs on a regular basis in their adult life. We will learn the basics of credit and debt, how to keep a checkbook register, how to do basic first aid, how to sew simple stitches to repair torn clothing and belt loops, how to sew on a button, how to change a tire, how to build and put out a fire, and, of course, how to become a millionaire by retirement age. – dkeller@tjca.org

Middle School Art Club

Art Club will meet on the 2nd through 4th Thursdays of each month after school from 3-4 p.m., gaining valuable insight into deeper exploration of the topics that interest the students individually. We will have seasonal hands-on projects, and take creative responsibility of bulletin displays of what’s going on in our Arts program and school community.

Optional added note: Please attend our first meeting, beginning Thursday, September 21st for more info on the year ahead!

Contact: pschmoutz@tjca.org for more information.

Junior Civitans

The Junior Civitan Club meets the first Thursday of each month through Trimester I, and in Trimester II meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month 3-4 p.m, starting October 5th.

Junior Civitans promotes civic minded community for student citizens, in carrying out the selection of charitable causes. Annual events are assisting with the North Shelby School Christmas party, and the Potato Planting project each spring. Students also choose smaller fund raising efforts and causes in which they learn the art of giving back through service.

New Century Scholars

New Century Scholars (NCS) is a program that provides last-dollar college tuition and possible textbook fee support to selected students to attend Isothermal Community College upon graduation from high school and successful completion of the NCS program. Students are selected for NCS participation beginning in the 7th grade and continue throughout middle and high school; members must be residents of Rutherford or Polk counties. The NCS program is designed to improve academic readiness, bolster student persistence toward high school graduation, and increase the rate of college attendance. New Century Scholars learn to set high expectations for themselves and work hard to reach their goals. Candidates are selected based on classroom effort, positive attitude and desire for education, and good behavior and character. Once a student joins NCS, they are expected to comply with school attendance regulations, meet grade requirements, follow school guidelines regarding behavior, complete volunteer service hours each year, renew the NCS contractual agreement annually, remain drug and alcohol free, and exhibit good citizenship. Sponsor is Mrs. Jennifer Powell – jpowell@tjca.org

Middle School – High School Drama

Theatre is a part of life. We don’t do the kind of drama that you are supposed to save for your momma, we focus on both non-traditional and traditional theatre experiences that help students expand their empathy while simultaneously having a great time living other lives. Open to grades 6-12. Meets Wednesdays from 3:00-3:30 in room 101.

Mr. Jonathan Foust – jfoust@tjca.org