We’ve had a great start! Important Information Enclosed

We’ve had a great start to the school year!

This wouldn’t have happened without the great support of our Gryphon Families!

If you ever questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact the administration.

Have a wonderful weekend!

August 16, 2019


This and all future alerts will be archived under our News and Events tab of our website.

Release Forms – Please visit the school website and complete the Signature Page and release forms on the Student Life tab (Parent & Student Information) by Wednesday, August 21st.  You can also use the attached hyperlink to access and complete the form. Parent Signature Page

Athletic Tickets and Passes  – There are some changes this year to the entry fees and student athletic passes for both middle and high school athletic events.  Please visit the Athletics Program tab on the website for detailed information.

Transportation Upper campus – Car riders will be given name placards this afternoon to help facilitate a more efficient flow of traffic and to ensure your child’s safety in the car line.  Please print your child’s name on the yellow placard in large font with a sharpie so that it is legible for the staff and must remain visible until your child is in the car.

Transportation Grammar campus – Orange placards have already been distributed to the grammar school students.  Please print your child’s name on the orange placard in large font with a sharpie so that it is legible for the staff and must remain visible until your child is in the car.  Extra placards are available in the front office.

The front parking lot of the grammar school should not be used for morning drop-off or afternoon pick-up.

Bus Stops – Parents of K-5 students must escort their children to and from the bus.

Visitors to campus – All visitors must check in at the main office on both campuses.

Middle School Volleyball – The middle school volleyball tryouts have been extended through Tuesday, August 20th due to the large number of interested participants.  Monday’s tryout will be for the 6th grade students and a portion of the 7th grade. Tuesday’s tryout will be for the 8th grade and the remaining 7th graders.  Coach Edwards will divide the 7th grade group up by last name at tonight’s practice and assign the 7th grade girls a specific tryout date. This will give all participants an additional day to impress and simplify their transportation to the grammar school.

International Trips  – Any high school students interested in international travel to France and England should visit the link under Student Life, Travel the World.  If you have questions regarding France 2020 (available to current 9th-12th graders), please contact Kimberly Lloyd (klloyd@tjca.org), or if interested in the England trip in 2021 (available to current 8th-11th graders), please contact Donna Trimble (dtrimble@tjca.org).

Volunteering – Please visit the TJ parent forum page for more information.