Dear Gryphon Family

Last night our varsity and JV volleyball teams were involved in a bus accident returning home from a match at Mitchell High School.  Fourteen of our players, coaches, and bus driver were on the bus. The accident was very serious, and I am thankful everyone will be okay. While most were able to return home last night, we did leave five there when we headed home.  Two had been admitted and they were still evaluating whether to admit the others.

I am sure our young ladies, coaches, and driver will have some difficult days ahead. Our TJ community is a very strong community, and I know that everyone will be supportive of these TJ family members in the days to come. We ask for your continued good thoughts and prayers for those affected by this accident.

Our counselors are available for any students who may need to process the event, and I have asked teachers to allow any and all who would like to talk to someone to do so.

I am very thankful to all the rescue folks involved and the kind treatment extended to the injured and families at Mission hospitals in Asheville area. I would also like to thank the administration and coaches of Mitchell High School who came to the hospitals last night and stayed with our team members until their family members arrived.

We will continue to update as we have more information.

TJ Strong!

Dianna Bridges