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Homework Due 11/14/19

For this assignment you are expected to read through this 6 page document before class on 11/14/19.

While you are reading this document please write down 5 words that you have never seen before or do not know the meaning

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Vocab List 9/30-10/4

  1. Axial Skeleton
  2. Appendicular Skeleton
  3. Long Bones
  4. Short Bones
  5. Flat Bones
  6. Irregular Bones
  7. Fibrous Joints (Also give an example)
  8. Cartilaginous Joints (Also give an example)
  9. Synovial Joints
  10. Bursae
  11. Plane Joint
  12. Hinge Joint
  13. Pivot Joint
  14. Condylar Joint
  15. Saddle Joint
  16. Ball &
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No Vocab- Week of 9/16

We will not have a vocab list for this week as the students are responsible for studying the 18 structures associated with the layers of the skin.

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