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Summer Review Packet

Hello rising 8th graders!  Please find the summer review packet below.  Since we all will be starting our high school math adventure next year, it is imperative that these basic skills of algebra, number sense, and geometry are mastered, as

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Week of 3/11/19

Monday, March 11

  • Quiz on Trig Functions
  • Trig Functions in Context:  Word Problems.  Notes to copy in INB can be found HERE.
  • Classwork/homework:   Read More

Week of 3/4/19

Monday, March 4

  • Pythagorean Theorem:  Finding missing side lengths in right triangles
  • Notes in INB on Pythagorean Theorem and Examples
  • Homework:  Pythagorean 1

Tuesday, March 5

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Week of 2/25

Monday, February 25

  • Exponential Applications continued, including examining and comparing functions.

Tuesday, February 26


Week of 2/18

Monday, February 18

No school – President’s Day

Tuesday, February 19

  • Examining exponential functions
    • Patterns of growth/decay and asymptote lines
    • Notes on pages 94 and 95
    • Homework:  Study for sequences quiz!
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