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Week of 3/25

Monday, March 25

  • Notes on data:  Scatterplots & Correlation
    • Identifying positive, negative, weak, strong, no correlation in scatterplots
    • Outliers and identifying in scatterplots
    • Understanding the difference in correlation and causation
  • HW:   Read More

Week of 3/19

Tuesday, March 19

  • Beginning unit for Data & Statistics
    • 6th Period:  Begin Chapter for data – scatterplots
    • 7th Period:  Data collection in class.  Make sure you have your sheet with the class data to work on
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Week of 3/11/19

Monday, March 11

  • ‘Quest’ on Volume and some other geometry concepts.  HW Journals due TOMORROW.

Tuesday, March 12

  • HW Journal due in homeroom
  • Concept Rewind:  Exponent Laws

Wednesday, March 13


Week of 3/4/19

Monday, March 4

  • Brochure notes on area and volume formulas
  • Homework:  Volume 1

Tuesday, March 5


Week of 2/25

Monday, February 25

Tuesday, February 26

  • Transformations Quiz 2 (reflections, rotations, translations, and dilations)
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