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Conspiracy Theories

1. “Government” connections to disease outbreaks

Allen and Gatlin — pro-conspiracy

Pope, Cook, and Moore — conventional theory

2. The Kennedy Assassination

J. Roach and Flack — pro-conspiracy

Outten, Gilling, and Watkins — conventional theory

3. 9/11


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Debates — Second Round

The US was not justified in dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Jan. 17th

affirmative — Pope and Sims

negative — Lyles and Flack

The moon landings are real. Jan. 24th

affirmative — Outten and K. Roach

negative — Gilling

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Debates — 2nd Trimester

1. College athletes should be paid.  Nov. 22nd

affirmative: Flack and Lyles

negative: Watkins and Proctor

2. A hot dog is a sandwich. Dec. 6th

affirmative: Outten and Pope

negative: Gilling and J. Roach

3. Smoking should be legal. Dec.

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