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Plant Kingdom

Use Quizlet to study vocabulary. 

Vocabulary: autotroph, photosynthesis, chlorophyll, flowering plant, pollination, petal, stigma, overy, sepals, stamen, anther, seed coat, cotledon, embryo, endosperm, vegetative reproduction, clone, glucose, xylem, phloem

– Describe the

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Kingdoms of Life

Study vocabulary using Quizlet 


Vocabulary: classify, taxonomy, vertebrate, invertebrate,

* Who was Carl Linnaeus?

* What are the 5 kingdoms of life?

* what are the 5 classes of the vertebrate

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Use Quizlet to study.

* What are the 6 characteristics the living things have in common?

* organism –

* cell –

* List in order how cells join together to

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use Quizlet to study


Chemistry – Identifying matter and investigating how it interacts, combines, and changes.

Atom – the smallest unit of an matter.

Atoms have 5 basic parts: Protons

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