House For All



With a new school comes new opportunities for us to make an impact on education. Each student at TJ is an individual and each student has areas of learning that are important to them. Help us create an ideal learning environment for all students through new technology updates, new amenities, and renovations to keep our students engaged!
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We are one step closer to our 20/20 Vision. Please save the date and join us as we break ground on our new school. We invite you to celebrate the groundbreaking of our new home! With a new school comes new opportunities for us to make an impact on education and in our community.



We are happy to announce the newest component of the 20/20 vision: A House for All. This is a public campaign derived from components of the Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy’s 20/20 vision for the new school.

This campaign allows the students and parents to take control of where their donations really go. Not only does our House for All campaign bring awareness to the needs of students inside the classroom, it is a friendly but competitive competition. Is your household a house divided? Choose your House and let the fun begin!

The main components of this campaign include: Fine Arts, Athletics and Academics. Every dollar raised will go directly to the campaign of your choice and be used towards funding programs, space and supplies that enhance your students education. We are nurturing the next neurosurgeon, scientist, athletic superstar, or famous artist and we need the proper incubator to do so. We believe together we can provide just that!

Here’s a breakdown of the individual campaign needs:

Click the house icon of your choice below to donate specifically to that campaign.



Academics – Smart Boards, audio visual systems, computers, servers, camera systems, furnishings and equipment for classrooms and labs. 

Fine Arts

Fine Arts – Music suite addition, furnishings and equipment for music suite, 2D and 3D art, plus upgrades to existing facilities.

Icon Draft-03 Athletics

Athletics – Fitness addition, bleachers, lighting and fencing for ball fields, track and field facility, plus equipment and furnishings for gym.

Lastly, but certainly not least….#TeamAthletics! There is so much in store, when you are #HouseofAthletics. We are looking to do a fitness addition, bleachers, lighting and fencing for ball fields, a new track and field facility, newer equipment, and furnishings for gym! Thank you all for your support and we look forward to building a House For All! Which house do you claim??

Thank you for your continued support. We cannot do it without you. Even a small contribution will go a long way, so claim your House today, then share it on social using the following hashtags. Let’s build a House for All.

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