William Shakespeare


Who Was William Shakespeare_ (1)W (pdf)

Mini biography cartoon 



#1 – Shakespeare’s Insults

* Read Shakespeare’s most popular  insults .

* (on paper) use this Insult Creator  to come up with your own Shakespearean insult.

#2 – Queen Elizabeth I 

* Brain Pop Queen Elizabeth

* You go girl! (on paper) What was your favorite quote by Queen Elizabeth I? CAPS 

* What Fashionable makeup!  (on paper) What was the worst part about makeup at this time? CAPS

#3 – Ferdinand Magellan

* Magellan Facts  (on paper) List 3 accomplishments of Magellan.

* Magellan 

#4 – Gutenberg 

* The printing press

#5 – Schooling

* William Shakespeare comes to visit

#6 – The bubonic plague

The bubonic Plague  (on paper)

What animal spread the bubonic plague? CAPS

What percent of the population of Europe was killed during the bubonic plague? CAPS

#7 – The Globe theater

* Take a look at the reconstructed Globe theater



Shakespeare’s “Plays”


The Tempest   also  here 

A Midsummer Night’s Dream 

Twelfth Night 

As You Like It 



Hamlet  also Hamlet 

Macbeth  also Macbeth 

Romeo and Juliet also Romeo and Juliet



Study Guide – 

1. What was the profession of William Shakespeare? 

2. During what time period did William Shakespeare live? 

3. Where was Shakespeare from?

4. Who did he marry?

5. Who was the monarch during William Shakespeare’s time?

6. How was Shakespeare’s work diffident from other playwrights of the time? 

7. What is the name of the theater where Shakespeare’s plays were performed? 

8. What is a tragedy? What is a comedy? 

* Describe(simple – main character(s) and main conflict): The Tempest, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Macbeth, Hamlet 


Sonnet Choices (can also be found in 5 subject notebook)