Unit 2 “Gran” Discussion Questions

Gran Discussion Questions

Please use these questions nightly to guide discussion about the story being read in your child’s reader. These questions can be used during the reading or after the story is read. Students do not have to write answers but should orally answer each question in a complete sentence that restates the question.

Example: #5. “Gran met a man who was an opera singer in Hong Kong.

Gran’s Trips

Who are the main characters of this story?
What are Josh and Jen doing at the very beginning of the story?
Where did Gran go before she came to see Josh and Jen?
What did Gran do in the Swiss Alps?
Who did Gran meet in Hong Kong?
What did Gran do when she visited the gulf?
Which of these words describes Gran? (lazy, adventurous, fun, shy)

The Pet

Where did Gran get a pet?
Josh and Jen make guesses about the pet. What kind of pet do they think it might be?
What do we know about how Gran’s pet looks?
What kind of animal do you think Gran brought? What hints are in the text?

Wong from Hong Kong

What kind of pet did Gran get in Hong Kong?
How does Wong arrive from Hong Kong?
What does Wong look like?
What do Josh and Jen think of Wong?
How does Gran feel about Wong? How do you know?

Where is Wong?

Why did Gran ask for help?
Who did Gran ask for help?
Where did they look for Wong?
Josh says he thinks Wong went back to Hong Kong. Did you think Wong wants to go back to Hong Kong? Why or why not?
Where did they find Wong?

The Swim Meet

Where are the kids at the start of the race?
What do you think the beep is at the swim meet?
What do the kids do at the beep?
Does Josh or Jen win the race?
What do Josh and Jen do at the end of the race?

At the Reef

Make a prediction about what Gran was going to do at the reef. Was your prediction correct?
How far did Gran have to ride her bike?
What did Gran do while at the reef?
What did Gran’s friend Mike do?
How did Mike’s hang gliding time go?
We have used the word adventurous to describe Gran. After today’s story, what other words might you use to describe her?

The Bug Glass

What is a bug glass according to Jen?
How does Gran plan to fix the bug glass?
How do you think Josh feels at the end of the story?
The Tape

Who is singing on the tape that Gran has?
What type of music does Gran’s Gran sing?
What do Jen and Gran do together at the end of the story?
Did Gran and Jen enjoy listening to jazz? How do you know?
We have come up with different words to describe Gran.  After today’s story, is there a new word you would use to describe her?

Fuzz and Mel

What do Jen and Josh ask Gran to do for them?
How would you describe Fuzz? What about Mel?
What do Fuzz and Mel see on their plane ride?
Did Fuzz like his plane ride? How do you know?
Do you think Fuzz and Mel will continue to be friends? Why or why not?


The Sweet Shop

What were some of the things that Gran did at the sweet shop that she thought were fun?
What other less enjoyable jobs did Gran Have at the sweet shop?
What can Gran still make?

King and Queen

How does the queen feel at the beginning of the story? What does she do that shows she is sad? Why do you think she feels this way?
What does the king try to do to cheer up the queen? Does it work?
The king decides to make her green slop? Does he think the queen will like it?
What do Josh and Jen do after listening to another one of Gran’s tales?
Do you think Gran enjoys telling tales? Why or why not?

The Trip West

Who has the ranch out west?
Josh and Jen were excited to travel with Gran. Why do you think they felt that way?
What words would you use to describe Tex?
Who do they meet at the ranch? What does Sam do?
We learn that Josh and Jen will get to go camping. What do you think will happen on their camping trip?

Saved by the Bells

Why did Josh hang Sam’s rope on a tree?
What do the words damp and dim mean?
Why do you think Gran, Jen, and Josh are scared?

Splash Dogs

Who are Buck and Pup?
What can Buck do that Pup can’t?
How does Tex get Pup to jump into the lake?
What might have happened if Gran had not held on to Buck?

Tex and Rex

Why do Josh and Jen think that Tex is mad at them?
Who was the man they thought was Tex?
How can you tell Tex and Rex apart?

Gran’s Mud Run

What is the Mud Run?
How many trucks race in the Mud Run?
How do the participants know that the race has started?
What is Gran’s prize for winning the race? What could she do with the prize she got?

Gran’s Trip Home

How will Josh and Jen get back home?
How does Gran plan to get back home?
How will the map help Gran get home?
When will Josh and Jen see Gran again?