Reading Strategies

Speak to your teacher when you need help! 


for remembering/retaining what you have read…

* read the story out loud to a partner

* jot down the main idea after you finish each page

* quiz yourself or have a friend/relative quiz you after you have read each chapter – Who? What? When? Where? Why?

* visualize (seeing the action happen in your mind like a movie) as you are reading


for reading Comprehension…

* jot down the main idea of each paragraph

* always underline your “proof/evidence” in the paragraph

* look for “best” answers not “good” – if an answer has ANY lie, mark it out. Half truths are not enough.


for fluency… 

* have multiple readings  of the same passage/chapter

* read aloud

* practice saying each sentence with correct expression

* don’t try to rush, be smooth

* pronoun each word correctly – if you don’t know the word ask