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Saving America’s Wolves 

Read the article Scholastic – Saving America’s Wolves. Paper copies are available upon request.

Discussion Questions – Must be C.A.P.S. 

1. In the first section, the author writes as if you are a gray wolf and she’s describing your life. Why do you think she does this?
2. List at least 3 details you learn about wolves in the first section.
3. According to the section “The Big, Bad, Wolf”, how did pioneers in America feel about wolves? What happened as a result?
4. In the section “Not a Monster”, in what way has people’s ideas about wolves been wrong?
5. How did the disappearance of Wolves affect elk? How did that, in turn, affect other animals and plants?
6. In the section “Once Again Howling”, why did scientists set 31 wolves free in Yellowstone National Park?
7. In the section “A Fierce Debate”, what are the two sides of the debate?
8, The last section returns to the wolf’s point of view. How is the human in this section different from from what the wolf expects?