Listening and Learning Domain Study Tools

Vocabulary to Memorize & Discussion Questions (Will Be Tested)

Characters (the people/animals in the story)

Setting (the place where the story is happening)

Plot (the authors plan for the story – must have a Beginning, middle, and end)

Lesson (something you should learn from the story a moral)

Folktale (an old fiction story that has been told for many many years)

Worthy (earned the privilege) Cinderella was worthy to go to the ball.

Cautiously (carefully/quietly)

Monstrous (huge, frightening)

Commotion (loud noises)

Scarcely (almost nothing)

Deeds (actions, something you do)

Cherished (very loved and important)

Cunning (smart but tricky)

Fright (a scare)

Instructions (a list of things to do)