Kay and Martez Discussion Questions

Kay and Martez Discussion Questions

Please allow your child to read the stories independently and then ask the discussion question.  This will help with preparation for 2nd grade,  Use these questions as a guide when discussing the nightly assigned story with your child. Students do not have to write answers but should orally answer each question in a complete sentence that restates the question.

Martez, Martez, Martez

  1. What does Martez like to do?
  2. Is Kay faster than Martez?
  3. How does Kay know Martez?
  4. What does Kay think of Martez?
  5. Where does Kay want to invite Martez?

Dinner with Kay

  1. Did Martez like the food he ate for dinner at Kay’s house?  How do you know?
  2. Do you think Kay’s parents like Martez?  How do you know?

The Red Dish

  1. Which peppers are hotter, those in the red dish or in the green dish?
  2. Why might it be foolish to try some of the food in the red dish?
  3. How does Kay cool off her mouth?
  4. What club does Martez tell Kay she is now a part of?
  5. Do you think Kay will eat more food from the red dish?  Why or why not?

In the Mail

  1. What did Martez send to Kay?
  2. Why can’t Kay read all the words that are written on the card?
  3. What do the Spanish sentences on the card mean in English?
  4. Do any of you know any words in languages besides English?
  5. How was Martez’s summer different than Kay’s?

Better than the Best

  1. What is the Spanish word for thank you?
  2. Who does Kay’s mom suggest they invite on the trip with them?
  3. How does Kay feel about her mom’s suggestion for the trip?  How do you know?

The Long Cab Ride

  1. Where are Kay, Martez, and Kay’s mom and dad?
  2. Where does Kay’s dad want the cab driver to take them?
  3. What are some things that Carlos points out?
  4. Why is Kay’s dad upset when he hears the price of the cab ride?

The Vote

  1. Who liked the cab ride from the airport?  Why?  Who did not like it?  Why?
  2. Where did Kay’s dad get the book about Mexico?
  3. Who is Mr. Gomez?
  4. Who votes to hire Mr. Gomez?
  5. Why does Kay’s dad not want to hire Mr. Gomez?
  6. Why do you think Martez shrugs before raising his hand?

Mister Gomez

  1. What is the first thing that Mister Gomez shows Kay, Martez, and Kay’s mom and dad?
  2. What did the Aztecs use the stones for?
  3. Who led the Spanish?
  4. Who won the war between the Spanish and the Aztecs?
  5. What did the Spanish do with the stones from the Aztec shrines?
  6. Who was in Mexico first, the Aztecs or the Spanish?

A House in the Clouds

  1. Why did Kay and Martez have to tilt their heads back to see the tops of the piles of stone?
  2. What were the piles of stones?
  3. Did the Aztecs build the shrines?
  4. What do Kay and Martez want to do?
  5. What does Martez mean by “a house in the clouds”?
  6. How was Kay and Martez’s experience at the shrines different from Kay’s parents?

The Market

  1. Where did Kay and her mom go?
  2. What does the mask that Kay’s mom likes look like?
  3. How much does the man ask for the mask?
  4. Why does the man call Kay’s mom back after she started to leave?
  5. Would you have bought the mask for the price the man was asking?  Why or why not?

A Rainforest Ride

  1. Where do Kay, Martez, and Kay’s parents go?
  2. What is a zipline?
  3. How do they make sure that riding the zipline is safe?