Kate’s Book Discussion Questions

Kate’s Book Discussion Questions

Use these questions as a guide when discussing the nightly assigned story with your child. Students do not have to write answers but should orally answer each question in a complete sentence that restates the question.

A Letter From Kate

Who is the narrator of this story?  Who is telling the story?
Who is Nan?
When did Kate stay with Nan?
Kate was sad at the beginning of the summer.  Why did she feel this way?
Kate said she ended up having a lot of fun.  What types of things might she have done with Nan?

In the Cave

Why was Kate sad in the beginning?
How is the land in the West different from the land where Kate lives?
What does Kate find in the cave?
Look at the picture of the coin on page 7.  What can you tell about this coin based on the picture?
Why do you think there is a coin in the cave?  How did it get there?

The Coin Shop

Who is the narrator, or the person telling the story?
Who was in the coin shop?
What does the coin look like?
Why would Jack want to look at the coin under a looking glass?
Jack says that the Spanish minted coins like Kate’s coin.  What does minted mean?
How much could Jack sell a Spanish coin for?
Why do you think Jack could sell the coin for three hundred bucks?  Why is it worth so much money?

You Never Can Tell

Did Kate decide to sell or keep the coin?
At the end of “The Coin Shop,” Kate was excited that she could sell her coin for three hundred bucks, but she instead decided to keep it.  Why do you think she decided not to sell the Spanish coin?
Nan asks what the coin would say if it had lips.  What does she mean by this?
Kate says that there is no such thing as a good robber.  What does she mean by this?
Why can Jack sell the Spanish coin for so much money?
What does Nan mean when she says, “You can never tell!”

The Offer

What was Kate doing in the kitchen at the start of the story when Nan came in?
What did Jack offer?
What types of things does Nan say they will do when they go camping?
What other things do you think Kate might do when she is out camping with Nan, Max, and Jack?

The Campsite

Where is the campsite?
How did the Badlands get their name?
Kate says that they brought “tents, lanterns, and matches” with them to the campsite.  How do you think they use each of those things?
At the end of the story, Kate decides “Max is OK!” Why do you think she feels this way?

Jack’s Tale

Who is the narrator, or person who is telling the story you just read?
How were letters sent from one person to another delivered in Jack’s tale?
What is a stagecoach?  Have you read other stories that included a stagecoach?
What was kept in the strongbox?
Why did Jack say that Bart was a bit better than other outlaws?
What happened to Bart?

The Visit

Who is the narrator telling the story?
The story said that Jack tossed the rope up into a tree and hoisted the food pack up so that it was hanging ten feet off the ground.  What does the word hoisted mean?  How do you know?
Why should you keep your food up high at night when camping?
How do Kate and Nan feel when they hear the clatter in the night?  How do you know?
Who does Jack think came to visit the campsite?

The Hike

What does everyone do in the morning?
What do Max and Kate go look for after lunch?
Why do Max and Kate take forks with them?
How big was the bone that they pulled out from the cliff?
Look at the picture on page 43. How do you think Kate and Max feel about their discovery?
What kind of bone do you think Kate and Max found?

The Bone Man

Who is the narrator telling the story?
Jack told Kate that she was in charge of the bone.  What does this mean?  What did Kate do?
What does it mean that Ron Fitch is an expert on bones?
What did the bone man do when he saw Kate and Max’s bone?  Why do you think he did so?
Why did you think Max looked at Kate like she was from Mars?
The bone man said the T. rex is extinct.  What do you think the word extinct means?  How do you know?

Two Good Things and One Bad Thing

Why did Ron Fitch speak with Nan?
What kind of bone did they find?
Why can’t Max and Kate keep the bone?
What is the last good thing?
What name do you think Kate and Max will choose for the bone?

The Big Dig

Who is the narrator telling the story?
Why were the helpers scraping the side of the cliff?
What steps will the bone man and his helpers take to get the T. rex bones out from the cliff?
The bone man says it will take a long time to finish all of their work.  Why do you think it might take such a long time?
What did Kate decide to name T. rex?

The Scoop

What was the “big scoop”?
What does the word muttered mean?  How do you know?
What other questions did the man ask Kate and Max?

We Are TV Stars

Who did Kate and Max see on TV?
Why might Max have jumped back from the mike?
Why might people be interested in a news story about Kate and Max finding T. rex bones?

Nan’s Book

Why would Kate say that it became less fun to smile and wave a fork six times?
Why does Nan say the long book felt short to her?

The Bookshop

Describe Stan Bender.
Why might Kate have decided to write her own book?
What do Kate and Nan shake on?

We Make a Book

How do Nan and Max help Kate write the book?
Who publishes Kate’s book?