Grace Discussion Questions

Grace Discussion Questions
Use these questions as a guide when discussing the nightly assigned story with your child. Students do not have to write answers but should orally answer each question in a complete sentence that restates the question.

Mister Spencer and the Rabbits
Who is Mister Spencer?
What does Mister Spencer grow in his garden?
Why does Mister Spencer get mad at the rabbits?
What is Pepper the dog’s job?
Where do rabbits go when Pepper starts barking?
Why does Mister Spencer say “good dog” at the end of the story? How else might Mister Spencer have solved the rabbit problem?

The Picnic by the River
What did Grace discover when she returned from swimming?
Where had the Spencers set down their picnic basket?
Why did Grace set bits of cupcakes and ham on the ground next to the anthill?
What does this tell you about Grace? What kinds of words could you use to describe Grace?

What did Grace’s classroom ger?
What is an ant farm?
Why is the queen ant’s life hard for her?
Why might Grace think ants are cooler than bees and termites?

The Band
What instruments do Grace and Jill play?
How did the children sound when they first started playing?
How did Grace and Jill get better?
Why was Mister Spencer spending so much time in the barn?

The Yard Sale
What is for sale at the yard sale?
Why can’t Grace buy both books?
What does the man having the yard sale say to Grace?
What does this tell you about Grace? What kinds of words could you use to describe Grace?

The Storm
Describe the storm on the farm.
Did Grace like the storm?
Did Jill like the storm?
What did Grace tell Jill to make her feel better?

Dark Clouds and Wind
What did Mister Spencer see as they finished up lunch?
What do the Spencers do when the clouds get darker and the wind picks up?
What is a storm shelter?
What did Grace shout as Mister Spencer started to lock up the shutters?

In the Storm Shelter
Why are the Spencers down in the storm shelter?
What did Mister Spencer see when he peeked out from the storm shelter?
What do you do when it storms?

The Visit
Who do the Spencers visit?
What do the children do with Gran?
Why might the children put on sunscreen?

The Soccer Game
What will happen if Grace’s team wins their soccer game?
What does Mister Knox mean when he says that the children can win if they bring their ‘A’ game?
How does Grace play at the beginning of the game?
What does Grace’s dad mean when he says, “A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits”?

Who is coming over for supper?
What are Grace and her mom making for supper?
Describe the supper to a partner, using words like first, next, then, and last.

Grace, the Performer
Describe what Grace wears when she performs as a mime.
What makes the job of a mime hard?
Compare and contrast the three parts of Grace’s act. How does Grace make the audience smile and laugh each time?

The Frog Jumping Contest
What is the name of Grace’s frog? What is the name of Ken’s frog?
Whose frog wins the contest? Why?
Describe the frog jumping contest to a partner, using words like first, next, then, and last.

The Spinning Wheel
What did Grace dare Jill to do while they rode the Spinning Wheel?
Describe the Spinning Wheel.
What else do Grace and Jill do at the park?
Why do Grace and Jill not ride the Spinning wheel two times?

Buster the Pig
What is a livestock contest?
Why is Rod grooming Buster?
Who inspects the pigs? What is his job?
Which pig wins the prize?

Why is a man cutting wool off a sheep?
What does Jill get to do?
What does Grace get to do?
Why might Grace have asked to take the chick home?

The Harvest Marvel
What is the Harvest Fest? Look at page 81 and describe the types of activities that take place at the Spencers’ Harvest Fest.
Why do the Spencers have a Harvest Fest?
The children ask, “What’s the Harvest Marvel?” What does Mister Spencer tell them?
What does the Harvest Marvel look like?
When the kids saw the Harvest Marvel, why do you think it spooked them?
Who did Grace figure out who the Harvest Marvel is?
How did the children feel after they realized the Harvest Marvel was Hank? How do you know?

The Jumping Fish
Where are Grace and Jill and their mom?
What makes Grace blink and squint?
What does Grace point out to her mom and Jill?
After the fish jumps and makes a big splash three times, Jill says, “I think she likes us!” Why does Jill say this?
What does Grace’s mom say is the reason the fish jumped next to them?

What does Kate give a speech about to her class?
What things does Kate show the class when giving her speech?
Where do snakes make their home?
What are some examples of things that snakes like to eat?
After hearing Kate’s speech, what are some adjectives you can use to describe snakes?