February 3 – 7

Reader Question HW


Monday – 3rd

·         Read “The Florist”

·         RDQ

·         Study Travel Journal

·         Spelling Words

1.    eve

2.    compete

3.    creek

4.    week

5.    meeting

6.    she

7.    we

8.    fever

9.    zero

10. pretend

11. squeak

12. meal

13. wheat

14. seal

15. people


Tuesday – 4th 

·         Read “The Florist”

·         RDQ

·         Study Travel Journal

·         Spelling Words

Wednesday –5th 

·         Read “The Bakery”

·         RDQ

·         Study spelling

·         Study travel journal

Thursday – 6th 

·         Read “Keeping It Up”

·         Independently

·         RDQ

·         Study spelling

·         Study travel journal


Friday – 7th

·         Have a great weekend!


Reminders/Dates to Remember:

·         February 6th – Dentist at school

·         February 7th- Group Pictures (wear uniform)

·         February 11th – Immigration Day / 2pm Release

·         February 13th- Bake Sale during lunch

·         February 14th- Early Release

·         February 17th- No School – President’s Day

·         February 25th – 2nd grade Music Program 12pm

·         February 26th- End of Trimester

·         February 28th – ICEE day



We will continue reviewing all of our plural rules.  We will also be learning “to be” verbs: am, are, is, was and were.  We will be writing persuasive letters this week during skills.


In math, we will be subtracting numbers mentally.  Students will be asked to branch the numbers to solve the problems.

We are in the 5th week of taking multiplication timed tests.  Students must pass one set with at least a 90 before moving on to the next.  This is the order we will follow:

·         0,1,2

·         5

·         10

·         3

·         4

·         Mixed

Students will have 18 problems to answer in 3 minutes.  We will test each Friday.


Core: Immigration

We will continue our unit on Immigration.  We will learn about all the different types of people that came to America and why they came, the Statue of Liberty, and experiences at Ellis Island.

Please remember that Immigration Day will take place on February 11th.  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this day!  This is NOT a party, therefore it is not open to parents.

On Immigration Day…  Please remember that your child has to come to school dressed as their immigrant character.  They need to know who they are (name and age), where they came from, their trade/job, and if anything is wrong with them (ex. a broken arm or wear glasses).  We encourage all students to dress the role as much as possible.  You do not have to buy anything for this day.  Old clothing will work perfectly because most immigrants came in dirty or tattered clothing.  Using their westward expansion costume will work as well; just leave off the bonnet for girls. Students will not need a lunch on this day, unless they chose not to eat pizza, as we will have a pizza party when we return to school.

Remember to study the vocabulary throughout the unit in order to prepare for the test.

You can follow along in “What your Second Grader Needs to Know” on pages 164-168.