Extra Credit Opportunity: Art Design for “wunderbarzusammen” due 02/08

Requirements for German Day Competition T-Shirt Design:

8×11 sheet of unlined paper, the phrase wunderbarzusammen must appear in the image, black and white only

Explanation: The phrase wunderbarzusammen is a deliberate misspelling of what should be “wunderbar zusammen”. It means “wonderful together”. By writing it as if it was one word, the spelling expresses the idea of friendship and cooperation;

The design needs to be an interpretation of the theme. It can — but does not need to – express German-American friendship. It can be any design expressing either existing or the forming of a new friendship.

Most important: this design needs to look great on a T-shirt. That means a striking contrast of black and white, thick lines rather than fine lines. Silhouettes have worked in the past. I would start in pencil and trace with black Sharpie.

I need your work by Friday. If it shows that you spent time on it, I will give you extra credit. Write your name and Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy on the back in light pencil.