December 9 – 13


Monday – 9th

·         Read “The Splash Artist”

·         RDQ

·         Study travel journal

·         Spelling words (We will test on these words Friday, Dec. 20th.)

o   straw

o   dawn

o   lawn

o   because

o   haunt

o   launch

o   daughter

o   caught

o   taught

o   have


Tuesday – 10th 

·         Read “The Art of the Splash”

·         RDQ

·         Study spelling

·         Study travel journal


Wednesday –11th 

·         Read “The Math Contest”

·         RDQ

·         Study spelling

·         Study travel journal

Thursday – 12th 

·         Read “The Winner”

·         RDQ

·         Study spelling

·         Study travel journal


Friday – 13th

·         Have a great weekend!


Reminders/Dates to Remember:

·         December 13th- The Nutcracker Play at The Foundation / Icee Day $2

·         December 18th – Christmas on the Frontier

·         December 20th- Early Release

·         December 20th- January 5th- Christmas Break

·         January 17th – Icee Day $2

·         January 20th- No School / Martin Luther King Jr. Day



We will finish teaching out of reader #3 next week; however, there are still more stories included in the reader which will be used for homework. We may or may not read these in class. It would be very beneficial to read them more than once with your child. We will not begin reader #4 until after Christmas break.

We will plan, draft, edit, and rewrite a personal narrative as a class and write individual personal narratives.


We will learn to multiply by 3’s.

We will learn to count by 3’s and solve 3 x _____ problems, build a multiplication table for 3, discuss triple facts, relate facts for ___ x 3 to the facts for 3 x ___, and students will learn to apply concepts to work multiplication word problems.

We will be making flash cards in class to help practice/memorize these facts. They will remain at school to use as a study tool. It would probably be a great idea to make or buy a set to have at home. If you buy a set, only include what we have learned so far (which is the set of 2s.) While in the car is a great time to review.

Timed subtraction: The grading will be as follows.

o    30 correct – 100/A

o    29-28 correct – 90/A

o    27-26 correct – 80/B

o    25-24 correct – 70/C

o    23-22 correct – 60/D

o    21 and below – 50/F


Sometime after the New Year, we will take timed multiplication tests on the sets of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10. We will NOT take timed tests on division.


Core: Westward Expansion

Our Westward Expansion Test will be on Tuesday, December 17th.

We will continue with this unit after the break.  We will write in our journals, learn about the iron house and the Native Americans.

You can follow along in “What your Second Grader Needs to Know” on pages 140-153.