Our Curriculum

Grades K-8

In grades K-6, Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy: A Challenge Foundation Academy offers a curriculum that integrates the Core Knowledge Sequence and the North Carolina Standard Course of Studies. Each year in the Core Knowledge Sequence, students gain a rigorous grounding in the language arts, history and geography, mathematics, science, music, and art. All K-8 classes have fully integrated the Core Knowledge Sequence and the North Carolina Standard Course of Studies.


High School

In high school, TJCA-CFA offers a demanding academic curriculum that exceeds the requirements of North Carolina’s Future-Ready Core. The curriculum prepares students for admission to four-year colleges and universities. For students entering 9th grade in 2019-2020 and beyond:

Grade 9

All 9th graders take Honors English I, Honors World History, Honors Biology, Math I or Math II (depending on 8th grade math taken), Latin I, Health/PE and one elective option.

Grade 10

All 10th graders must take Honors English II, Honors or AP European History, Latin II, Math II or Math III, a science course, and two elective options.

Grade 11

All 11th graders must take Art History, Honors Logic, Honors English III or AP English Language, Honors or AP US History, Math III or Pre-Calculus, a science course, and a foreign language credit choice. Students may have one to three elective options.

Grade 12

All 12th graders must take Rhetoric, Honors English IV or AP English Literature, Honors Civics/Economics or AP US Government, and a science course. If students have not met math credits, they must take the minimum requirements. If students have met the minimum requirements, they are still encouraged to take a math course during their senior year. If a student has not yet met the foreign language, Art History, or Logic requirements, they must complete those in the senior year as well. Students may have one to four elective options, depending on remaining graduation requirements.

High School Course Catalog and Curriculum Guide, 2020-2021

TJCA 9th-12th Course Outline

TJCA Graduation Course Checklist