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Textbooks too heavy? Please go to, and type in the ISBN number of your child’s textbooks. The ISBN number is typically found on the copyright page, near the front of the book. You can find great deals to purchase a home copy of the text! Also, some of our texts have online access to the entire book. Please check in the textbook’s index pages or check individual teacher web pages for availability online.

TeamCFA Resources Library

A Case for Charter Schools Now

NC State Board of Education

Websites for Grammar School Interests:

Core Knowledge Sequence K-8
Fun Education Activities
Fun Math
MAP- Reading Math

American Revolution
American Revolution Powerpoint Presentations
American Revolution Kid Info
Research and Informational Sites

General Interest
Free Book Making Projects
Artful Lesson Plans
U.S. Coins
Dole Super Kids
The CIA World Factbook

Local Library sites:
Rutherford County Library Consortium
Cleveland County Libraries

Websites for Middle/High School Interests:

Core Knowledge Sequence K-8
Core Knowledge Blog
College Guide
Web Art Gallery
Study abroad opportunities
A time tested teaching strategy
Annenberg Media
Official SAT Study Guide
Varsity Tutors Test Practice
ACT info

NC HS Ranking
North Carolina SAT Reports