Weekly Update 5/13-5/17

Important Dates/Information

May 17 – Cinderella at the Joy Performance Center field trip; No room for parent chaperones in the theater. If you’d like to meet us at Shelby City Park, our eta is 1:00. Please send $1.00 for the carousel and train ride at the Shelby City Park.

May 24- Field Day for K/1- Our class shirt color is yellow. Icees will be sold for $2

May 27- Memorial Day; No School

May 24-May 30- Noon release days

May 30- Last day of school

End of the year class party and celebration of summer birthdays will be the last week of school, more information to come.
CKLA Skills Unit 7

Spelling Words:  escape, rain, fade, explain, stayed, stray, display, raindrop, stairway, and you.

CKLA Skills Unit 7

The Reader for this unit is called Kay and Martez.  It focuses on a young girl, Kay, and her friendship with a Mexican-American boy named Martez.  In the second half of the Reader, Kay, Martez, and Kay’s family go on a trip to Mexico. The stories incorporate grade one history and geography topics from the Core Knowledge curriculum.

The following sounds and spellings will be reviewed or introduced in this unit:

/ae/ spelled ‘a_e’ (review), ‘ai’, ‘ay’ (new)
/oe/ spelled ‘o_e’ (review), ‘oa’ (new)
During Unit 7, students will:

Use conjunctions and, but and or.
Use commas as punctuation marks that separate items in a series.
Produce instructional writing.
Use singular and plural nouns with matching verbs in basic sentences.
Chapter 16 Numbers to 100

Students will:

Investigate numbers to 100.
Count within 100 by making a 10 first.
Represent numbers to 100 as tens and ones.
Count on or back by tens and ones within 100.
Compare 2-two digit numbers within 100 by comparing tens and ones.
Practice counting and comparing numbers within 100.
Chapter 17 Addition and Subtraction Within 100

Students will:

Add a two-digit number to a one-digit number without regrouping by adding the ones.
Add a two-digit number and a multiple of 10 by adding the tens.
Add a two-digit number and a one-digit number by making the next 10.
Add a two-digit number and a one-digit number by using facts to 20.
Add 2 two-digit numbers without regrouping
Practice addition and subtraction within 100.
Subtract a one-digit number from a two-digit number by subtracting the ones.
Subtract a one-digit number from a multiple of 10.
Subtract a one-digit number by using facts to 20.
Subtract tens from a two-digit number.
Subtract a two-digit number without regrouping.
Subtract a two-digit number.

Listening & Learning; Fairy Tales: Test on Wednesday, May 22.

This domain will introduce students to fairy tales that have been favorites with children for generations. Students will learn about the elements of fairy tales that distinguish them from other types of fiction. They will also learn that fairy tales have the elements of character, plot, and setting that are found in other types of fiction. By becoming familiar with particular fairy tales, students will be able to add these tales to their repertoire of stories that they are able to retell orally. Reading these fairy tales will help first-grade students develop a strong foundation for the understanding of other fictional stories in later grades.

It is important to note that the content of some fairy tales might unsettle some children. For example, “Hansel and Gretel” depicts children in some potentially frightening situations. Although these versions of the stories have been adapted from the originals, the fairy tale still exemplifies bravery and heroism; literary concepts of good versus evil and suspense; and the reinforcement of life lessons.


Fantasy: a special kind of fiction story that usually has magic.

Tale: a make believe story

Enchanted: under a magic spell.

Problem: is when something goes wrong for the characters

Compare: ways two things are the same is to compare

Deny: to refuse to accept or admit something

Wisdom: knowledge and sound judgment that gives you the ability to make good choices

Succeed: to reach a goal or to have something turn out the way you wanted it to

Delight: joy or great pleasure

Retrieved: found and brought something back

Contented: happy and satisfied

Precious:  valuable or very special

Rudely: in a way that is not polite; without respect

Because: a word that tells us why something happened

Comforted: tried to make someone feel better; soothed