4/8-4/12 Weekly Update

Important Dates/Information

April 9 – Proactive Parenting Night 6-7:30 pm Grammar School Library

April 10 – Box Tops collection

April 11 – First grade music program in the gym at 12:15, “Redcoats, Revere and the Revolution”, students may wear school uniforms or a costume that looks like the revolutionary times

April 12 – Full school day

April 12 – Icee Day

April 12 – Mexico test, Mexico fiesta (lunch) look for a sign up genius

April 14-22 – Spring break
CKLA Skills Unit 6

Spelling Words: sun, kiss, cent, prince, jazz, pigs, zip, here
The Reader for this unit is called Grace, and is about a girl named Grace who lives on a farm in the Midwest.  The stories in this reader take students through Grace’s daily life on the farm and in the country.

The following are the sounds and spellings that are either reviewed or introduced in this unit:

/s/ spelled ‘s’, ‘ss’ (review); ‘c’, ‘ce’, and ‘se’ (new)
/z/ spelled ‘z’, ‘s’, ‘zz’ (review)
/m/ spelled ‘m’ and ‘mm’ (review)
/n/ spelled ‘n’, ‘nn’ (review and ‘kn’ (new)
/ng/ spelled ‘ng’ (review) and ‘n’ (new)
/w/ spelled ‘w’ (review) and ‘wh” (new)
During Unit 6, students will:

practice identifying nouns and verb tenses.
practice expanding sentences by adding prepositions.
learn to match pronouns ( he, she, it, they, I and you) to the nouns to which they refer and vice versa.
produce a personal narrative.
Chapter 15 – Fractions

Students will:

Fold and cut shapes into halves.
Recognize halves in shapes.
Fold and cut shapes into fourths.
Recognize fourths or quarters in shapes.
Fold and cut shapes into thirds.
Recognize thirds in shapes.
Practice recognizing halves, fourths, and thirds.
Chapter 18 – Time

Students will:

Tell time on an analog and digital clocks to the hour.
Tell time on an analog and digital clocks to the half hour.
Practice  reading clocks and telling time.
Math facts: mixed addition and mixed subtraction

Listening & Learning: Mexico

Mexico is a country with rich heritage and a mixture of Indian, Spanish and modern cultures.  This unit introduces students to the country that is south of the United States and shows them the influences of past civilizations on life in Mexico today.

Vocabulary   Test April 12

Mexico City – the largest city in Mexico

Plaza of the Three Cultures – the buildings honor the three different cultures in the city

Pinata – a container full of candies that children try to break wearing a blindfold

Yucatan Peninsula – peninsula on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico

Miguel Hidalgo – wanted the Indians to fight to be free from the Spanish

Cinco de Mayo – celebrated on May 5th to remember the battle Puebla

Rio Grande – river that is between the United States and Mexico

Tortilla – flat bread made from corn