January 7-11

We have a full week planned. We’ll be finishing up the explorer unit next Monday with the test planned (weather always permitting) for Tuesday. We started reading Winter People, a book chronicling some of the events that took place in Calico Captive, but this time from the perspective of the Indians. While reading the book we’ll be talking about different kinds of conflict and how it affects the people involved. We will continue with root words for our vocabulary test, I’m seeing a lot of progress in remembering the definitions of the words.


1. portable

2. support

3. report

4. millipede

5. pedicure

6. photo

7. telephoto

8.  telegraph

9.  autograph

10. periscope

11. stethoscope

12. chronological

13. synchronize

14. heterodoxy

15. macronutrient


Monday-Read through chapter five in Winter People and finish the cartoon for chapters 3 and 4.

Tuesday-Grammar pages 122-3

Wednesday-Read in Winter People, pages TBA

Thursday-Grammar pages 126-7