TJCA Equestrian Students Look Forward to World Games 2018

On Friday March 31, members of the TJCA Equestrian Team and Equine Production class presented at the 2017 Isothermal Community College Science Expo. The ICC Science Expo is an annual event for 6th grade students from across Rutherford and Polk Counties. Students visit the campus of the college and see presentations on a variety of STEM topics.

TJCA team members gave presentations that included information concerning equine behavior, careers in the equine industry, opportunities to volunteer at the Tryon International Equestrian Center, and promoted the World Equestrian Games. While at the event, the team was also able to have a “sneak peak” at the promo video for the World Equestrian Games that was unveiled in Omaha NE later that afternoon. Team members included Nicole Beator, Taylor Hardin, Bella Schmoutz, and Belle Staley.

World Games Promo Video

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