Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy​ and Lincoln Charter School ​Plan ​Major ​Event to Celebrate National School Choice Week!​

Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy​ and Lincoln Charter School ​Plan ​Major ​Event to Celebrate National School Choice Week!​

Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy: A Challenge Foundation Academy and Lincoln Charter School ​will hold a special event on Friday, January 19**(NOW FRIDAY FEBRUARY 2)**, 2018 at the Lincolnton campus​ ​at ​133 Eagle Nest Road, Lincolnton 28092 beginning at 4:00 PM to celebrate National School Choice Week, school leaders announced today.  This event will feature​ ​​the​ ninth​ annual charter school rivalry between the schools​ ​to help raise funds for the Jimmy V Cancer Research Foundation. To date, our respective schools have raised over $​6​0,000 to help fund research to conquer cancer.​

The event features both middle school and high school basketball games with gate proceeds donated to the V Foundation, along with Talon Challenge shirt sales, and memorials and honorariums dedicated to cancer victims in the respective communities served by the schools.​​

Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy: A Challenge Foundation Academy is a ​p​ublic ​c​harter school serving grades K–12 with a student enrollment of 1,280.  ​Lincoln Charter School serves 2,050 students in Lincoln County, NC.​ TJCA​-CFA and Lincoln Charter​ are two​ of more than 13,000 schools participating in National School Choice Week (January 22–26​, 2018​).

“We are thrilled to have the ​TJCA Gryphons and the Lincoln Charter School Eagles ​participat​ing​ in National School Choice Week by holding this special event,” said Andrew Campanella, National School Choice Week president. “The Week provides an opportunity for families in communities across America to discover more about the education options available to children. We salute the students, teachers and staff at TJCA-CFA and Lincoln Charter for their dedication to providing a quality education for children, and for their involvement in this nationwide celebration.”
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The History of the Talon Challenge  “Don’t Give Up…..Don’t Ever Give Up.”  – Jimmy V

The Talon Challenge was started in 2009, to build upon the rivalry between Thomas Jefferson Classical and Lincoln Charter and to instill an atmosphere of service within the schools’ athletic departments.  The schools identified the V Foundation as the recipient of all proceeds from this event for several reasons;  the relevance of NC to the V Foundation, the V Foundation pledge that 100% of direct donations fund cancer research, and the impact of cancer on both communities.  In 2009, the schools decided to sponsor a game ball run, in which the basketball used for the Talon Challenge games would be run from the visiting campus to the hosting campus – in an attempt to raise awareness of the V Foundation and the overall event.  This journey, often run by members of TJCA/LCS cross country teams and students, is approximately 65 miles.  Since 2009, the students of LCS and TJCA have run over 500 miles.  The schools also have traditionally sold Talon Challenge shirts to raise money (approximately 4,250 total during the life of the event), along with several other fundraisers (Memory/Honor cards, LCS art classes making porcelain pins, selling uniform passes, etc.).  Over the course of this event, LCS and TJCA have raised a total of $65,147.01 for the V Foundation (2017 – TJ $4,755.43, LCS $8,947.26).  Also, both schools sponsor blood drives at each campus as part of this event.

At the games, both schools remember the lives of Jimmy V, Stuart Scott, cancer victims/survivors from each school community.  The iconic Arthur Ashe Courage and Humanitarian Award ESPY Jimmy V speech is played along with several other activities.  At the conclusion of the final basketball game, a trophy is awarded to the school that gains the most points – based on total pints of blood, basketball game victories and amount of money raised.