Assessment & Standards

TJCA Graduation Requirements:

Please see linked documents for more detailed information on high school graduation requirements at TJCA.
In summary, minimum high school graduation requirements include:

  • Four (4) credits in English in grades 9-12 (English I, English II, English III or AP English Language, English IV or AP English Literature)
  • Four (4) credits in Social Studies in grades 9-12 (World History, European History, US History, Civics/Economics or AP US Government)
  • Five (5) credits in Math – Math I, Math II, Math III, Pre-Calculus, and an additional math. At least four (4) of these math credits are required during the actual high school (9th-12th grade) years.
  • Four (4) credits in Science – Biology, Physical Science or Chemistry, and two (2) additional science courses in 9th-12th grades. If you earned the 8th grade Earth Science credit at TJCA, then you have met the Earth/Environmental Science category requirement for graduation, but you must still have at least four (4) science courses in high school. If you did not earn the 8th grade Earth Science credit at TJCA, then you are required to take Environmental Science as one of your other science course credits.
  • Three (3) credits in Foreign Language – Latin I, Latin II and a 3rd credit in the foreign language of your choice
  • One (1) Health/PE credit
  • Three (3) Trivium/Classical Education credits – Logic, Art History, and Rhetoric

Please ask if you have any questions about graduation requirements.

TJCA Graduation Course Checklist

TJCA 9th-12th course selection outline


Grammar School Assessment & Standards

An enriched, challenging curriculum is taught in every grade level and every subject to every student at TJCA-CFA. Math and Reading are not taught in isolation just to “pass” the state standardized test. Our focus is to daily provide the stimulating content of our curriculum to every student.

The curricfulum fulfills the Core Knowledge and the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (NCSCOS) Standards and Objectives alignment. Although our school is a charter school, we have the same requirements as all other North Carolina public schools in meeting state standards through End-of-Grade testing in grades 3-5.

Middle/High School Assessment & Standards

Like students at other public schools, students at Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy: A Challenge Foundation Academy take the State of North Carolina’s End of Grade and End of Course tests. TJCA-CFA students also benefit from national tests, including the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills, ACT’s Plan Assessment, the PreliminarySAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, the SAT, and theACT. The first three tests are taken woven into the school’s regular schedule.

Students may take the SAT and ACT exams at TJCA-CFA on scheduled Saturdays.
Please click on this link for SAT test dates.
Please click on this link for ACT test dates.

Understanding NWEA MAP

For more information about NC assessments, please see the North Carolina SAT Reports and the NC School Report Cards.